A Busy Week

Meeting Gabby for the first time. She promises to show me everything she knows about being a therapy dog.

Happy Saturday everypawdy! Chance here and boy have I had a busy week! I have so much to fill everyone in on! My mom and dad tell me I better get used to going places and meeting new people because I will be doing quite a bit of it once I become I therapy dog.

First, let me tell you about my first field trip last Saturday.  My parents packed me up in the car and took me to a wonderful place called The Natural Pet Enrichment Center which is a great place to buy yummy treats and supplements that will keep me happy and healthy.  The owners, Mark and Chris, and their staff have been really helpful in my homecoming and have provided my parents with so much love and support.  Mark and Chris lost their tripawd named Bing not too long ago and they lovingly gave me his harness to wear.  I feel so honored to wear it! It’s as if Bing is wrapping his angel wings around me everywhere I go! Since so many people have been following my story and I can’t visit too many places just yet, Mark and Chris have so kindly offered to host a meet and greet event at their store in February! I’m so excited to meet everyone! I’m hoping that maybe we can collect some donations for the Lorain County Animal Emergency Clinic so that the kind people who saved me can use the money to help save another fur friend in need.

After our visit at The Natural Pet, I went to meet my new cousins at my grandparents’ house. My cousin Gabby is a therapy dog and my mom says she has a lot to teach me. She occasionally goes to school to listen to kids read. Gabby told me that some kids don’t feel comfortable reading and don’t like to practice their reading. She says sometimes they are embarrassed that they don’t read well and that my job will be to help them feel more comfortable with their reading. Gabby says school is so fun: everyone is so happy when she goes to school. I can’t wait! I already love making people happy! I’d like to go to school Monday but my mom says I have to go to a school for dogs to learn how to be a therapy dog. She thinks that I could make an extra special connection with kids because missing a leg makes me unique and different but in a good way and that my differences don’t keep me from reaching my goals. I hope I can be just as good as Gabby someday!

I had two vet appointments on Monday. I was so brave! I have gained a few pounds but still have a few more to go. Dr. Dresser said I looked amazing and she was impressed with my good behavior. I got a shot with some kind of chip in it that my mom says will identify me if I ever got lost. I was lost once so I know how that goes. I don’t ever want to be lost again! After seeing Dr. Dresser I met Dr. Rachael at Twinsburg Veterinary Hospital & Pet Lodge. She examined me and said I was a good candidate for rehab on an underwater treadmill. She said it would help me to build up the strength and muscle missing from my back end. There were four dogs in the waiting room and they were all shaking and crying. I was cool as a cucumber and told them they had nothing to worry about. In my two months of living at the clinic in Lorain I learned that the nice people that work in clinics are there to help you and not hurt you.

My dad took me back to see Dr. Rachael yesterday and I got to go in the water for the first time! It was strange walking in the water but I didn’t have to walk fast and really liked it. Dr. Rachael said I did an awesome job and my dad stayed with me the whole time. He said I get to go back next week! I can’t wait! After swimming I got to go to the office with my dad. I met my uncles and a bunch of other really nice people. I feel a bit like a celebrity since so many people said they knew me before actually meeting me. The office is a great place for me to go because the floors are all carpeted. I feel a little badly because I did have one little “accident” but I really couldn’t help it. Visiting makes me thirsty which means I drink lots of water and well, you know what that means. I hope that doesn’t mean my dad won’t take me back there. I enjoyed hanging out with my dad. My mom was the one who hoped and prayed for me but we are both thankful that he fully embraced the idea too.

Until next time!

Meeting Dr. Dresser for the first time….by the smile on her face, I think she liked me!














Look at me on the underwater treadmill! Dr. Rachel says I am PAWSOME!
Sporting Bing’s harness at The Natural Pet Enrichment Center
Being an office dog is “ruff” work





Author: goldtrap

I have recently become the owner of a tripaw. While running as a stray Chance suffered injuries resulting in losing a back leg and also a toe on his front leg. Through everything Chance has remained a happy go lucky dog who will be trained to become a therapy dog.

5 thoughts on “A Busy Week”

  1. Oh Chance!! You are melting my heart over here!!! I’m smitten!! 🙂

    You are a celebrity indeed! A ROCK STAR!!!

    You are already a “therapy dawg”, even without any ole’ fancy diploma! I know everyone is inspired every time anyone has the privilege of meeting you!

    Looking forward to following your journey AND seeing more adorable pictures!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS…Bing is a really good Guardian for you! Was Bing a member of Tripawds here? The name sounds familiar.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Yes Bing was a member of Tripawds! His mom has been a huge help and directed me to this site 🙂 let the adventures begin!

  2. Chance has found his home and will find his place as a therapy dog. He will give comfort to so many – I feel calmness just looking at that peaceful face. Thanks for the update. It sure is special that Bing is his guardian angel and has passed on his harness. Hugs for all.
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Kisses to the snout. Kisses to the ears. Kisses to the jowls. Kisses, kisses, hugs, hugs, and PyrPaws to you Chance! My CharlieBear also had a traveling life before he settled down with me. Home life is divine and your happy, sunny, smiling countenance says it all. Congrats on finding your forever home and paying it forward!

  4. Chance, you are such a great ambassador! Kids are gonna love you when you help them learn to read!

    Glad to see you’re healthy and getting stronger. Thanks for lighting up my day!

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